Close the Stalls (收檔)

收檔 translates as 'to close the stalls', a Cantonese colloquial expression which means 'to stop doing something', or 'to wind up a business'. After nearly 17 years it's time to shut down BWG.

When I created my personal web site on October 1, 1998 (before the word 'blog' hit the fan in mid-1999), I had no idea it would last this long. The original goal was to share my experiences as a foreigner learning to integrate with life in Hong Kong, because it was (and will always be) a strange place. BWG quickly gained a following but after 20 million visitors I stopped counting.

I've had the distinct pleasure of telling tales that illustrated the challenges and adventures of life in the Big Lychee, but I need to devote time to my work and not have to think about writing fresh content.

Besides, with the explosion of blogging and social media, hundreds of other folks are scribbling about Hong Kong so there's plenty else to read.

My sincere thanks go to all the fine folks who've stayed with BWG; I truly hope you've enjoyed your time here.

Farewell (告別) and 身體健康 (Wishing You Good Health)!